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Welcome to SSES Counseling Center


Meet Your Counselors

Mr. Evans

435-783-4318 ext. 1253

Mr. Evans serves as the Counselor and Vice Principal.  He is available from 8:20 am-1:15 pm

Ms. Ellsworth

435-783-4318 ext. 1277

Ms. "El" serves as a counselor and is available from 10:30am- 3:50pm


You Can Do Hard Things

Have you met with your counselor this year?  They are available to help you solve problems, make friends, make plans academically, and support you in anything you may need.  They are available for individual counseling, group counseling, character education, mediation, and more.  Come on down and meet your counselors today!


Available Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: 8:20 am - 3:50 pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Pam Woolstenhulme.png
jill tuttle.png

Pam Woolstenhulme

Learning Place- Behavior Specialist

Jill Tuttle

Learning Place- Mindfulness Expert


SSES Counseling Center Services

Homework Tips

  • Set a specific time each day for student’s homework time.​

  • Limit distractions such as cell phones, TV and video games.​

  • Encourage your student to attend our extra school programs: Monday Morning Math before school, Friday Read to me before school, and the after-school programs if they apply. ​​​

  • Contact teachers with questions. Go to the South Summit Elementary School website:    https://www.ssummit.org/o/elementary to access teachers’ email addresses​

  • Encourage sleep. (Avoid TV in bedroom or cell phone use during the night).

Secrets to School Success Checklist

1. I attend school regularly (no more than 6 absences a year).

2. I try to sit close to the front of the room in my class.

3. I give my teachers eye contact.

4. I am on time for my classes.

5. I meet with my teachers to discuss assignments and make-up work.

6. I ask questions in class when I don't understand assignments.

7. I participate in class discussions.

8. I turn my assignments in on time.

9. When I am absent, I ask for make-up work the day I get back.

10. My assignments are neat and organized when I turn them in.

11. I take notes in my class.

12. I review my class notes and assignments every day.

13. I read regularly for school assignments and for my own enjoyment.

14. I have a regular study time at home.

15. I eat a nutritious breakfast every morning. 

16. I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

17. I want to succeed in school.

18. I behave appropriately in all of my classes.

19. The people I care most about value my opinions.

20. I have a good school schedule.

21. I know my abilities and interest.

22. I have a plan for school success today and for the future.

23. My parents are involved in my education.

15-23 points         You want to be successful in school.

10-14 points         You are working on being successful in school

0-9 points             You need some help in learning how to be successful in school


Military Family Resource


Division of Child Protective Services



Primary Children's Medical Center-Grief Support Groups 

801 662 3778

Provides monthly parent support groups and school-age child groups.

CrossRoads Urban Center

Emergency Food Pantries and low-cost Thrift Store


UNI Warm Crisis Center

801 587 1055

A non-crisis support line available from 9am -10pm,      
365 days a year.


Outside Mental Health Supports

Valley Behavioral Health 



Expansive Horizons Counseling



Get in Touch

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